Proceedings of GraVisMa 2009 online

Online Proceedings of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Mathematics (GraVisMa 2009) at University of West Bohemia in Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Republic, September 2-4, 2009

The proceedings of GraVisMa 2009 are now freely available online (view and download):

PDF (13 MB)!_2009_GraVisMa_proceedings-FINAL.pdf

zip compressed PDF (12.1 MB)!

Table of Contents

Plenary Papers
Hildenbrand,D.: Geometric Algebra Computers, p. 1
Simpson,L., Mullineux,G.: Exponentials and Motions in Geometric Algebra, p. 9
Cui,Y., Hildenbrand,D.: Pose estimation based on Geometric Algebra, p. 17
Kooijman,A., Vergeest,J.: A GPU Supported Approach to the Partial Registration of 3D Scan Data, p. 25
Deul,C., Burger,M., Hildenbrand,D., Koch,A.: Raytracing Point Clouds using Geometric Algebra, p. 32
Fassold,H., Rosner,J., Schallauer,P., Bailer,W.: Realtime KLT feature point tracking for High Definition video, p. 40
Urban,J., Vaněk,J.: Preprocessing of microscopy images via Shannon’s entropy, p. 48
Tytkowski,K.T.: The BPT Algorithm (Brianchon-Point-Triangle) – Detecting Conical Curves in Raster Graphics, p. 52
Cibura,C., Dorst,L.: From Exact Correspondence Data to Conformal Transformations in Closed Form Using Vahlen Matrices, p. 58
Dorst,L.: Determining an Versor in n-D Geometric Algebra from the Known Transformation of n Vectors, p. 66
Dorst,L.: Conformal Geometric Algebra by Extended Vahlen Matrices, p. 72
Benger,W., Hamilton,A., Folk,M., Koziol,Q., Su,S., Schnetter,E., Ritter,M., Ritter,G.: Using Geometric Algebra for Navigation in Riemannian and Hard Disc Space, p. 80
Candy,L., Lasenby,J.: Inertial Navigation using Geometric Algebra, p. 93
Hitzer,E.: Fourier and Wavelet Transformations in Geometric Algebra, p. 94
Hasegawa,M.: A Study of 3-D Surface Registration Using Distance Map and 3-D Radon Transform, p. 102

Communication papers
Schwinn,C., Görlitz,A., Hildenbrand,D.: Geometric Algebra Computing on the CUDA Platform, p. 111
Protopsaltou,A., Fudos,I.: Creating Editable 3D CAD Models from Point Cloud Slices, p. 118
Bocek,J., Kolcun, A.: Shading of Bézier patches, p. 126
Tachibana,K.: Object Tracking by Geometric Algebra-valued Particle Filter, p. 130
Zemcik,P., Hanak,I.: Numerical Method for Accelerated Point Light Source Optical Field Calculation, p. 131
Zemcik,P., Pribyl,B., Herout,P.: Precise Image Resampling Algorithm, p. 135
Lacko,J., Maričák,M.: Context based controlled Virtual Tours using Viewpoint Entropy for Virtual Environments [C17], p. 139
Seeman,M., Zemcik,P.: Histogram smoothing for bilateral filter, p. 145
Kapec,P.: Hypergraph-based software visualization, p. 149

Source: Email by V. Skala (12 Feb. 2010), Online Proceedings (!_2009_GraVisMa_proceedings-FINAL.pdf)


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