Webpage of the special interest group on ISAAC interest group on Clifford and Quaternionic analysis

    Dear Colleague,

    the second announcement of the ISAAC congress in Moscow is now available at (*)


    For your convenience, please find the 2nd announcement attached to this e-mail. It contains important information on the registration fees, deadlines to submit the abstracts, the conference dinner, the accommodations, and more. Please read carefully how to get a formal letter of invitation for visa application.

    If you have not registered yet, please go to the conference homepage or look for the registration form in the attached document. Please don’t forget to send a copy for your registration e-mail  to  us.

    There is also an ISAAC award which will be presented to young scientists, of age below 40 at the time of the congress, for particular merits in analysis, its applications and computations. (More details in the document). We would like to encourage everybody to make suggestions of suitable candidates to us or directly to the ISAAC Board Members. Nominations and applications should be sent before 31 May, 2011, therefore we ask for immediate response.

    We are also proud to present you a webpage of the special interest group on ISAAC interest group on Clifford and Quaternionic analysis. It can be reached at

    or directly from

    Please, send us any data or any announcement you would like to have added to the page. For your own data security we are not going to put any additional data of you unless you allow it. Also, any suggestions and remarks are welcome.

    Sincerely yours

    S. Bernstein (swanhild.bernstein@math.tu-freiberg.de),
    P. Cerejeiras (pceres@ua.pt),
    F. Colombo (fabrizio.colombo@polimi.it),
    U. Kaehler (ukaehler@ua.pt),
    I. Sabadini (irene.sabadini@polimi.it),
    F. Sommen (fs@cage.ugent.be).

    (*) In fact the second announcement is not yet available, it will be published on GA Net Updates (blog) in a separate entry.

    Source: Email by bernstei_AT_mailserver.tu-freiberg.de, 17 Mar. 2011, 0:58


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