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Registration open for ICCA 2020, 3-7 Aug. 2020, USTC, Heifei, China

The registration for the conference ICCA 2020 is now open. You can reach it under


or directly via the webpage (http://www.smartchair.org/hp/ICCA2020/) under “Online registration“.

The registration fee is 300 Euros before April 30, 2020. Please, keep in mind that while it looks high at a first view, in addition to all the usual stuff it also includes all lunches and dinners during the week. Since breakfast is normally included in the hotel reservation (it certainly is for reservations in Pullman Hefei Wanda Resort Hotel) it will cover all meals.

Source: Adapted from email by U. Kaehler, ukaehler_AT_ua.pt, 03 Jan. 2020.

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