ENGAGE 2018: Best Presentation Award (Thoery) to Stephane Breuils

Stephane Breuils from of Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, received the Best Presentation Award (Theory) of ENGAGE 2018 (Workshop at CGI 2018 in Bintan, Indonesia) for his pioneering work on developing a new 15 dimensional geometric algebra theory in the modeling and analysis of quadric surface. With this new theory, an arbitrary quadric surface is constructed by the mere wedge of nine points. All the quadric surfaces can not only be represented in a compact and geometric meaningful way, but also be efficient computed and analyzed. Naturally computation of the normal vector, the tangent plane of a quadric surface and intersection of quadric surfaces show a large amount of potential applications in computer graphics, geographical information sciences, physicals and many other fields.


Foto (Yu Zhaoyuan, Nisha Jain): Left to right: Werner Benger, Stephane Breuils, Adam Leon Kleppe, Yu Zhaoyuan.

Source: Email from Yu Zhaoyuan, 24/06/2018 11:39, yuzhaoyuan_AT_njnu.edu.cn.



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