ENGAGE 2018: Best Presentation Award (Application) to Adam Leon Kleppe

Adam Leon Kleppe, from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, was awarded the Best Presentation Award (Application) of ENGAGE 2018 (Workshop at CGI 2018 in Bintan, Indonesia) for his excellent application of geometric algebra to design a curvature-based descriptor of 3D point clouds, which further be used in High precision 3D-3D point clouds alignment. The method can explore the local curvature characteristics directly from 3D point clouds. Key points selection and estimating of the point correspondences is to a larger extent based on geometric arguments with an automatic optimization model. The application of this method in the course alignment of industrial parts to be assembled with robots suggest great accuracy and performance advantages.


Foto (Yu Zhaoyuan, Nisha Jain): From left to right: Werner Benger, Adam Leon Kleppe, Yu Zhaoyuan.

Source: Email from Yu Zhaoyuan, yuzhaoyuan_AT_njnu.edu.cn, 24/06/2018 11:39.


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