D. Hestenes: Quantum Mechanics of the electron particle-clock

David Hestenes, Quantum Mechanics of the electron particle-clock, Abstract of AGACSE 2018, Free PDF: https://www.ime.unicamp.br/~agacse2018/abstracts/InvitedSpeakers/Hestenes-ElectronClock.pdf

Abstract: Understanding the electron clock and the role of complex numbers in quantum mechanics is grounded in the geometry of spacetime, and best expressed with Spacetime Algebra (STA). The efficiency of STA is demonstrated with coordinate-free applications to both relativistic and non-relativistic QM. Insight into the structure of Dirac theory is provided by a new comprehensive analysis of local observables and conservation laws. This provides the foundation for a comparative analysis of wave and particle models for the hydrogen atom, the workshop where Quantum Mechanics was designed, built and tested.

PACS numbers: 10,03.65.-w

Keywords: pilot waves, zitterbewegung, spacetime algebra

Source: https://www.ime.unicamp.br/~agacse2018/abstracts/InvitedSpeakers/Hestenes-ElectronClock.pdf, 07 Sep. 2018


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