D. Hestenes: Deconstructing the electron clock

D. Hestenes, Deconstructing the electron clock, AGACSE 2018 Abstract, Free PDF: https://www.ime.unicamp.br/~agacse2018/abstracts/InvitedSpeakers/Hestenes-Maxwell-Dirac.pdf

Abstract: The Dirac equation is reinterpreted as a constitutive equation for the vacuum, with the electron modeled as a point singularity in a lightlike toroidal vortex. The singularity generates electric and magnetic potentials with circular zitterbewegung around the spin axis. These fields are then propagated by Maxwell’s equation. The result is an integrated Maxwell-Dirac field theory proposed as a non-perturbative approach to quantum electrodynamics with implications for the electron’s anomalous magnetic moment and the structure of the photon. Extension to a “Standard Model“ of elementary particles as vacuum singularities is discussed.

PACS numbers: 10,03.65.-w

Keywords: pilot waves, Hopf fibrations, zitterbewegung, spacetime algebra, QED

Source: https://www.ime.unicamp.br/~agacse2018/abstracts/InvitedSpeakers/Hestenes-Maxwell-Dirac.pdf, 07 Sep. 2018


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