M.E. Horn: The Geometry of Moore-Penrose Generalized Matrix Inverses

Martin Erik Horn: The Geometry of Moore-Penrose Generalized Matrix Inverses

Poster presentation SOE 7.2 at the Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society (Physics of Socio-Economic Systems Division) in Berlin at Monday, March 12, 2018, Technical University of Berlin, 17:00 – 20:00

Abstract: More and more introductory business mathematics textbooks present Moore-Penrose generalized matrix inverses as elementary part of the foundations of mathematical economics. This is a didactical problem as most textbooks introduce these inverses by purely algebraic reasoning based on the four Moore-Penrose conditions.

To give a complete picture of these mathematical structures it is helpful to introduce and to describe Moore-Penrose generalized matrix inverses also by using geometric representations based on the ideas of Grassmann’s theory of extensions. This didactical path will enable learners to understand that a Moore-Penrose inverse only is the scalar part of a more natural geometric matrix inverse which usually possesses higher-dimensional terms, too.

URL: www.dpg-verhandlungen.de/year/2018/conference/berlin/part/soe/session/7/contribution/2?lang=en

Source: Email from M.E. Horn, 02 Mar. 2018, e_hornm_AT_doz.hwr-berlin.de


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