ICNPAA World Congress 2018, Yerevan, Armenia, July 3-6, 2018.

URL: http://www.icnpaa.com/index.php/icnpaa/2018

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to contribute and/or encourage scientists to participate to the upcoming ICNPAA World Congress 2018: International Conference on Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Aerospace and Sciences, to be held at the American University of Armenia (AUA), Yerevan, Armenia, from July 3-6, 2018.

We plan to have a special session on Clifford algebras, Clifford analysis and their applications. It aims to present the latest advances in the field of Clifford (geometric) algebras and their applications in mathematics, physics, engineering and other applied sciences. The proposed session intends to gather experts working on various actually important aspects of Clifford algebras and to explore new connections between different research areas. We expect a fruitful exchange of new ideas and collaboration regarding the research development of this discipline among the participants. To reach this goal we would like to ask you to participate in this session and present a talk on your most recent and interesting results.

If you accept our invitation to give a talk at the conference, you can choose to write a paper up to 10 pages long that will be included in the conference proceedings. Please visit the conference webpage (http://www.icnpaa.com/index.php/icnpaa/2018) and click on “Proceedings” for specific details about the submission procedure. Papers accepted and presented in ICNPAA 2018 will be published by the American Institute of Physics.

Please note that in order to attend or present a paper, you must register for the conference. Registration is made online through the conference website using the following link: (http://www.icnpaa.com/index.php/icnpaa/2018/schedConf/registration).

If you need assistance or have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you in Yerevan, Armenia.

With kind regards,

Joao Morais
Isabel Cacao

Source: Email from Joao Morais, joao.morais_AT_itam.mx, 07/02/2018 06:18


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