G. Watson: Bell’s Dilemma Resolved, Nonlocality Negated, QM Demystified, Etc.

Gordon Watson, Bell’s Dilemma Resolved, Nonlocality Negated, QM Demystified, Etc., 19 pages, vixra preprint http://vixra.org/abs/1707.0322, Free download (PDF): http://vixra.org/pdf/1707.0322v2.pdf

Abstract: Eschewing naive realism, we define true (classical/quantum) realism:= some existents (ie, some Bell-beables) may change interactively. We then show that Bell’s mathematical ideas re local causality—from his 1964:(1)-(2) to his 1990a:(6.9.3)—are valid under true realism. But we refute Bell’s analyses (and his ‘local realism’), as we resolve his consequent ‘action-at-a-distance’ dilemma in favor of true locality:= no influence propagates superluminally. In short: defining beables by properties and values—and allowing that locally-causal interactions may yield new beables—we predict the probabilities of such interaction outcomes via equivalence-classes that are weaker (hence more general) than the corresponding classes in EPR/Bell. In this way delivering the same results as quantum theory and experiment—using EPRB, CHSH, GHZ and 3-space—we also advance QM’s reconstruction in spacetime with a new vector-product for geometric algebra. True local realism thus supports local causality, resolves Bell’s dilemma, negates nonlocality, demystifies QM, rejects naive realism, eliminates the quantum/classical divide (since observables are clearly beables; being or not being, prior to an interaction, but certainly existing thereafter), etc: all at the level of undergraduate math and logic, and all contra the analyses and impossibility-claims of Bell and many others. We also show that Bayes’ Law and Malus’ Law hold, undiminished, under true local realism and the quantum.

Source: http://vixra.org/abs/1707.0322, accessed: 2 Feb. 2018


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  1. Alex

    Most likely a bogus paper from an unidentified author with no affiliation that has nothing to do with Clifford Algebra. Please remove thus junk.

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