New YouTube videos on Clifford Algebra

This is a collection of new (not more than one year ago uploaded) YouTube videos on Clifford’s Geometric Algebra.

The Vector Algebra War (Derek Abbott, James Chappell)

Division algebras and the standard model. (Playlist of 14 videos, Cohl Furey, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge)

Real-time rendering under distant illumination with Conformal Geometric Algebra (Papaefthymiou, M., Papagiannakis, G.)

A Conformal Geometric Algebra code generator comparison for Virtual Character Simulation (Papaefthymiou M., Hildenbrand D.and Papagiannakis G.)

Registration of Point Clouds with Geometric-Algebra Adaptive Filters (Wilder Lopes)

Wedge – The Geometric Algebra game

Geometric Algebra in 2D – Fundamentals and Another Look at Complex Numbers (Mathoma)

Geometric Algebra in 3D – Fundamentals (Mathoma)

Geometric Algebra – 3D Rotations and Rotors (Mathoma)

Introduction to Geometric (Clifford) Algebra. (Peeter Joot)

Geometric Algebra: dot, wedge, cross and vector products. (Peeter Joot)

Quadric geometric algebra Top #23 Facts (Rishika Janaki)

Clifford Algebra (David Foster)

Introduction to Clifford algebra (Jose Vargas, Alterman Summer school 31 July 2017)

Algebras de Clifford (Pierre Bayard, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM)

Clifford Algebra and the Maxwell System: Integral Representation Formulas… (Clifford Algebra and the Maxwell System: Integral Representation Formulas and Radiation Conditions, Emilio Marmolejo, Ciencias TV)

QFT2017 Fall Lecture2.5 – Clifford Algebra (Y-T. Huang at NTU, 17 Sep. 2017, Chinese)

New as playlists:
Space Group Visualizer (Eckhard Hitzer, ICCA8)

Tutorial on Clifford’s Geometric Algebra, (Eckhard Hitzer, Nagoya 2012)

Geometric Algebra for Freshman Course (Eckhard Hitzer, Tokyo 2015)


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