Book: D. Morris, The Quaternion Dirac Equation

Dennis Morris, The Quaternion Dirac Equation, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 3, 2016), paperback, 68 pages, ISBN: 978-1533085375, 5.49 USD.

Description: This book presents the long sought after quaternion form of the Dirac equation. Recent developments in understanding quaternion differentiation by the author of this book have produced a rewrite of the Dirac equation as a quaternion equation. The quaternion Dirac equation predicts parity violation by the weak force and explains how neutrinos can be both massless and oscillate between generations. We also have a significant step towards the unification of general relativity and quantum field theory. This book is a monumental triumph of work by many individuals over almost a century. It will be of interest to students and advanced theorists alike.

Source:, accessed: 19 Jan. 2018.


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