The AMS Notices, H. De Bie: Kimsey Awarded Clifford Prize

David Kimsey of Newcastle University has been awarded the third W. K. Clifford Prize “for his outstanding mathematical research achievements in the field of quaternionic analysis with applications in quantum mechanics.” Kimsey received his PhD from Drexel University under H. Woerdeman. He later became interested in quaternionic analysis. The prize citation reads in part: “Spectral theory for normal operators on a quaternionic Hilbert space is a delicate and technical subject due to the noncommutativity of the quaternions. In particular, the proper notion of spectrum is not immediately obvious and turns out to be given by the recently discovered S-spectrum. Based on this notion, David Kimsey (in collaboration with Alpay and Colombo) produced a completely rigorous analogue of the spectral theorem for bounded and unbounded normal operators on a quaternionic Hilbert space. This spectral theorem is a crucial tool to formulate the axioms of quaternionic quantum mechanics and as such closed a problem formulated by Birkhoff and von Neumann in 1936.” Kimsey also “initiated the study of moment problems, free analysis and interpolation in the context of quaternions.”

—Hendrik De Bie, University of Ghent

Source: The AMS Notices, Vol. 65, No. 1, p. 50, January 2017,, accessed: 23 Dec. 2017. Email from, 23 Dec. 2017.


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