AACA, Contents of Vol. 27, Issue 4

We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras. Volume 27 Number 4 is now available online.

In this issue

General Dynamics of Spinors

Luca Fabbri

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Quaternionic Shape Operator

Selahattin Aslan & Yusuf Yaylı

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Poincaré–Bertrand and Hilbert formulas for the Cauchy–Cimmino singular integrals

Juan Bory Reyes, Ricardo Abreu Blaya, Marco Antonio Pérez-de la Rosa & Baruch Schneider

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Novel Sampling Formulas Associated with Quaternionic Prolate Spheroidal Wave functions

Dong Cheng & Kit Ian Kou

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Uncertainty Principle and Phase–Amplitude Analysis of Signals on the Unit Sphere

Pei Dang, Tao Qian & Qiuhui Chen

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General Solution of the Inhomogeneous Div-Curl System and Consequences

Briceyda B. Delgado & R. Michael Porter

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Modeling 3D Geometry in the Clifford Algebra R(4, 4)

Juan Du, Ron Goldman & Stephen Mann

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3-ary Hom-Lie Superalgebras Induced By Hom-Lie Superalgebras

Baoling Guan, Liangyun Chen & Bing Sun

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Investigation of Dual-Complex Fibonacci, Dual-Complex Lucas Numbers and Their Properties

Mehmet Ali Güngör & Ayşe Zeynep Azak

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

A New $$\frac{1}{2}$$ 1 2 -Ricci Type Formula on the Spinor Bundle and Applications

Ioannis Chrysikos

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Free Fermions on a Piecewise Linear Four-Manifold. II: Pachner Moves

I. G. Korepanov

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

On k-Analytic Functions of an Octonionic Variable

Jianquan Liao & Xingmin Li

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

On Weak Solutions to Dirac-Harmonic Equations for Differential Forms

Yueming Lu

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

A Constraint System of Generalized Sylvester Quaternion Matrix Equations

Abdur Rehman, Qing-Wen Wang, Ilyas Ali, Muhammad Akram & M. O. Ahmad

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

$$\varvec{\sigma }$$ σ -PBW Extensions of Skew Armendariz Rings

Armando Reyes & Héctor Suárez

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

On an Intrinsically Local Gauge Symmetric $$\mathbf {SU(3)}$$ SU ( 3 ) Field Theory for Quantum Chromodynamics

Brian Jonathan Wolk

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

On Hermitian Solutions of the Split Quaternion Matrix Equation $$AXB+CXD=E$$ A X B + C X D = E

Shi-Fang Yuan, Qing-Wen Wang, Yi-Bin Yu & Yong Tian

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