S. De Keninck: Geometric Algebra for Javascript (with operator overloading and algebraic literals)

… about a GA code generator for javascript that I recently published on github. It generates geometric algebra implenetations of any dimensionality and signature (including degenerate) .. and implements operator overloading and algebraic literals. (and the main involutions and automorphisms, matrix-free inverses up to 5D, a non-metric duality operator, and more).

There are a whole bunch of examples included (and also available live, interactive and editable here (including inverse kinematics, intersection testing, finding isometries, pose estimation, automatic differentiation, 3D slicing, and more ..)).

Source: Emai from Steven De Keninck, enkimute_AT_gmail.com, 28 Oct. 2017, https://github.com/enkimute/ganja.js


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