Updatings of the Alterman Summer School 2017

Dear Colleague,

Owing to personal reasons, Professor Poli had to cancel his keynote lecture. We hope to have him in a future event. Professor A’Campo will take his place. He was asked to give a general view of the field of Riemannian surfaces, at which he is a leading authority. He was the one to choose the title of his lectures: “Riemann surfaces: Meeting point of Algebra, Analysis, Geometry´´. Look at the second half of this title. Is that not what all of us want to know more about? Those are topics also embedded in Jose’s lecture on the Unity of Geometry, though from a different angle. We can thus expect that Professor A’Campo’s lectures will greatly contribute to the cross-fertilization of ideas within mathematics and even physics.

You will find an updated version of the timetable of the event at:

Please remember that the offer of free shared lodging for students expires on July 1st. It will be granted only after payment of the fee:

Be reminded that reduced fees will be increased to 200€ (regular) and to 100€ (student) on July 1st. Do not wait for the last moment and do not forget to fill in the registration form:

Hoping to see you soon in Sofia,
Kind regards,
The Organizing Committee

Source: Email from info_AT_altermanconference.org, 05/06/2017 02:28


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