Application Deadline for ICCA11 best presentation award extended to: 18 June 2017

Extension of Application Deadline to ICCA11 best presentation award to 18th June 2017!

This new prize is for the benefit of the young researchers and their career. Balanced attention will be paid both to good evidence for novel work, and to a well delivered presentation. The prize is subject to the following seven rules.

Award categories
The prize will be given simultaneously in two major sections of (1) pure mathematics, (2) physics and technological applications (including all of robotics, engineering, signal processing, computer science, etc.). Strict quality criteria apply to each section separately. That is, if in any of the two major sections no suitable candidate is found, the section will not award a prize for that conference year.

Age limit
The prize should be for young researchers up to 29 years (30th birthday after the ICCA conference).

Application deadline extended:
4 June 2017 by email to: (Please, exchange the spam blocker!)
18th June 2017 by email to: (Please, exchange the spam blocker!)

Application and preliminary evaluation
The interested applicants should send in one of the following in ADOBE PDF format:

  • their conference contributions at the time of the abstract deadline (ICCA11: 4 June 2017, 18 June 2017)
  • 2-4 page abstract, to which the applicants can optionally add their relevant published
  • papers (up to three) which will form the basis of their presentation;
    their presentation file.

A balanced expert committee will begin to evaluate these documents already prior to the conference and produce a preliminary strictly confidential ranking shortlist.

Final selection at conference
During the conference members of the above expert committee will ensure that each ranked candidate’s presentation will be attended by at least two evaluation committee members. In the morning of the last day of the conference will be a final decision meeting to assign the prize. If there is a tie between candidates the prize can be awarded to more than one candidate. The next two candidates in the ultimate ranking will be acknowledged as finalists to the prize and also get a corresponding finalist certificate.

High standards
If no academically worthy candidates can be found, the prize will not be awarded. This measure is to ensure the high quality of the prize. We emphasize, that mere (English) language skills should not be a decisive criterion.

The award
The main award is a certificate stating that the candidate has won the best presentation prize, etc. The names of the awardees will also be published on the ICCA homepage. The award certificate will contain a short description of the two step procedure (prescreening, and actual presentation evaluation).

Authorship: ICCA Steering Committee, 4 February 2017, 05 June 2017.



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