Tokyo lecture of Dr. Yu Zhaoyuan: The Application of Geometric Algebra in Geographic Information Science, 8th June 2017, ICU, Tokyo

Invitation to International Christian University – Natural Science Forum

Date + Time:  2017, June 8th (Thu.), 11:30-12:40
Venue: Room N-332 (International Christian University, Science Hall, 3rd floor, north wing),
Building #4 on this map:
Access map:
Title:  “The Application of Geometric Algebra in Geographic Information Science”
Speaker:  Dr. Zhaoyuan Yu (Associate Professor, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China)
Free of charge.

The rapid development of the global earth observation system has greatly expanded the dimensionality of the data, which resulted in the complex accumulation of spatiotemporal space-time data and the rapid accumulation of massive temporal and spatial data. Big data, smart city and the rise of the Earth’s future research have the urgent requirements to achieve the scene integrated expression and dynamic coupling calculation of different scale / size, continuous and discrete, gradient and mutation, object and process. GIS, as the foundation and technical support of geography research, should transfer the map-based description of the geographic world to the geographical-scene-based dynamic analysis and scene interpretation, in order to support the multi-perspective expression of the geographical world and decision support services effectively.

Based on the geometric algebraic space/structure, the lecture will introduce multi-information-integrated geographic computing and analysis models with high flexibility and dynamics, through the construction of unstructured data / hierarchical structure, the computational structure of the operator / template dynamic generation and the modeling / integrated mining of scene information. In addition, combined with the application of GIS, the lecture also discusses research situations in data model and analysis algorithm based on geometric algebra, which include GIS spatio-temporal data integration modeling and unified data structure, dynamic analysis of geographic process, high performance computing of heterogeneous platform, coupling analysis of geographic information scene and so on.

[This NS Forum is held within the Hot Topics in Physics class.]

Anybody, especially students, is welcome.
*Contact: Sen. Ass. Prof. Eckhard Hitzer (


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