Reminder of the Alterman Summer School 2017, 31 Jul. – 4 Aug. 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Colleague,

We are less than five months away from the Alterman 2017 Summer School on the Kähler calculus. Those who need an invitation letter for getting visa should request it to us soon if they wish not to be late in obtaining the documentation from the embassies. We have also experienced difficulties with the mail service of some African country.

We are very pleased to announce the participation of some very young people. They have already bought their plane tickets. They are the future. We recall that students will have free shared lodging if they request it in the registration form and pay the reduced fee soon. For more details go to:

We have received the offer of two travel grants for attending an international conference such as the Alterman Summer School for Doctorate and Postdoc students. If you are interested, please contact us.

For the moment, two keynote lectures have been programmed: “Mulling over Impredicative Systems” (Prof. Roberto Poli), and “The Unity of Geometry” (Prof. José Vargas). Find their abstracts at:

We hope that, by the next general message, the fourth session of the paper “Kähler’s Quantum Mechanics” will be ready. It will deal with London and Landau-Ginzburg equations, Cooper pairs and a computation by 2016 Nobel Winner Kosterlitz on topological phase transitions on a 2-D spin system.

Kind regards,

José G. Vargas, Danail Brezov, Zbigniew Oziewicz, Ramon González

Source: Email from, 28 Mar. 2017


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