Brackx et al: Fundaments of quaternionic Clifford analysis II: splitting of equations

F. Brackx, H. De Schepper, D. Eelbode, R. Lávička & V. Souček, Fundaments of quaternionic Clifford analysis II: splitting of equations, CVEE, pages 1-26 | Received 30 May 2016, Accepted 01 Sep 2016, Published online: 22 Sep 2016,

Abstract: Quaternionic Clifford analysis is a recent new branch of Clifford analysis, a higher dimensional function theory which refines harmonic analysis and generalizes to higher dimension the theory of holomorphic functions in the complex plane. So-called quaternionic monogenic functions satisfy a system of first-order linear differential equations expressed in terms of four interrelated Dirac operators. The conceptual significance of quaternionic Clifford analysis is unraveled by showing that quaternionic monogenicity can be characterized by means of generalized gradients in the sense of Stein and Weiss. At the same time, connections between quaternionic monogenic functions and other branches of Clifford analysis, viz Hermitian monogenic and standard or Euclidean monogenic functions are established as well.

Keywords: Quaternionic Clifford analysis, Stein–Weiss gradients, splitting of equations

AMS Subject Classifications: 30G35



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