M.E. Horn: More Examples of Non-Square Matrix Inverses

Martin Erik Horn: More Examples of Non-Square Matrix Inverses. Extended version of the paper “Inverse von Rechteck-Matrizen”

Abstract: In conventional linear algebra the discussion of matrix inverses is usually limited to inverses of square matrices. But Geometric Algebra opens a didactical path to find and to discuss (left-sided) inverses of non-square matrices as well.
It is shown with examples from business mathematics how such inverses of non-square matrices can be constructed and how they can be used to model economic situations.

Paper: www.phydid.de/index.php/phydid-b/article/view/723/868 (in English)
Download: www.phydid.de/index.php/phydid-b/article/download/723/868
Original paper: https://eldorado.tu-dortmund.de/handle/2003/35410 (in German)
Download: https://eldorado.tu-dortmund.de/bitstream/2003/35410/1/BzMU16%20HORN%20Inverse.pdf

Source: M.E. Horn, e_hornm_AT_doz.hwr-berlin.de, 25 Jan. 2017


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