Ahmad Hosny Eid: GMac “Geometric Macro” a .NET based software system

I would like to announce the official release of my Geometric Algebra Explorer website and blog at http://gacomputing.info. This website is intended as a long-term project to record my GA-related research interests and software developments and to invite all GA researchers to share their own ideas and GA-related developments.

The website contains pages to describe, document, and download the GMac software system I’ve created. The main ideas behind GMac dates back to my 2010 Ph.D. dissertation that can be found at https://arxiv.org/abs/1607.04767
GMac, short for “Geometric Macro”, is a .NET based software system that allows implementing geometric models and algorithms based on Geometric Algebra (GA) in arbitrary target programming languages.
The core part of GMac is the GMacCompiler, a transcompiler or source-to-source translator that accepts code written in a simple high-level domain-specific language (GMacDSL), and can be configured using GMacAPI component classes to output computationally-equivalent efficient low-level code in any desired target programming language. The ultimate goal behind creating GMac is to allow Geometric Computing implementations to be as flexible, organized, and efficient as possible. Although GMac is originally created using C#, it can be configured to generate a set of textual code files in any desired structure using an API that is accessible through any .NET language including C++, C#, VB.NET, F#, and IronPython among others.
The following GMac pages are included in the website:
1- GMac Information (http://gacomputing.info/gmac-info/): Describes GMac features and contains download links.
2- About GMac (http://gacomputing.info/about-gmac/): The entry page for detailed GMac documentation.
3- The GMac System Guide (http://gacomputing.info/gmac-system-guide/): Describes detailed installation instructions for GMac and relations between its components.
I hope this website and software can fulfill their intended goals as I believe Geometric Algebra rightly deserves to become the main mathematical language for teaching and representing geometric models in computer science and engineering in the very near future.
Source: Email from Dr. Ahmad Hosny Eid, ga.computing.eg_AT_gmail.com, 14 Dec. 2016

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