First Call for registration: Alterman Summer School 2017, 31 Jul. – 04 Aug. 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Colleague,

It is my great pleasure to welcome and invite you to participate in the 2017 Alterman event to be held in Sofia on July 31st to August 4th 2017. It will be just a Summer School. We shall teach a few hours of Clifford algebra and exterior calculus (Cartan). We shall then devote the full time to teach the Kaehler calculus (KC) with applications to physics, specially but not exclusively to quantum physics. If you want to attend the event or receive information about it, you can register at:

Fee payment by transfer will be possible soon, and we will inform you at due time. You will notice that the date of the Alterman Summer School 2017 has been chosen so that you can immediately connect with ICCA 11 and present there your Clifford related papers.

I am often asked what is the difference between KC and geometric calculus (GC). In Kaehler’s original papers on this subject (1960-62), he dealt with tensor valued differential forms, with emphasis on the scalar-valued ones. He provided very important applications for these, but none for tensor valuedness (We shall be interested only in the scalar-valued ones, though we shall make brief incursions into Clifford-valued ones). So, we can now make the question more specific, and so will be the answers.

Differentiation and integration is about differential forms (read integrands) and not about elements of the tangent algebra. And a Dirac type equation in the KC calculus (to be called Kaehler equation, KEq) is about elements in an algebra and not about elements in an ideal (read spinors) of an algebra. For more details, look at:

and scan the notes on KC that I wrote for the Alterman 2016 event, which can be found at:

I will reformat and polish them before the event takes place, but I do not promise much since it is hard to give significant effort to writing when there is so much to be discovered, as I am finding.

Finally, the Alterman events can take place because Eric Alterman will provide significant help to cover deficits that one may incur, and because Dr. Ramon Gonzalez has carried and is presently carrying most of the load that perhaps I, as chief organizer, should be carrying. This combination of unexpensive venue, financial support, willing organizers, etc might not repeat itself.

Kind regards and, again, welcome.

Jose G. Vargas

Source: Email from, 10/12/2016 05:38


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