17th International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, CMMSE 2017, 4-8 July 2017, Rota, Cadiz, Spain

Celebrating the 70th aniversary of Wolfgang Sprößig (sproessig_AT_math.tu-freiberg.de)

In the past decades, new problems, areas of application, and techiques appearing in modern dynamical processes in physics, chemistry, engineering and economics have come to light. In seeking better and better results from simulations, the computational mathematician or scientist needs not only capacity to carry out simulations, but also innovative ideas and foundational analysis for algorithms. Computational mathematics, science and engineering are rapidly growing multidisciplinary areas with connections to business, economics, engineering, mathematics and computer science through academia as well as industry. There is furthermore a constant need in these fields for the quick and efficient advancement of information exchange with an expert audience.

Conferences are often organized within specialty disciplines, compartmentalizing information exchange by field of specialty. In the midst of these successful conferences there remains a niche for unifying, cross-cutting, interdisciplinary gatherings, where specialists can have exposure to diverse fields, a chance to meet new people in or near their individual areas of research, and participate in special sessions different from their own field. The proposed meeting, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering (CMMSE 2015), has this purpose, to serve as a catalyst for computational mathematics among cutting edge applications in science and engineering.

The conference will take place at Barceló Costa Ballena Golf & SPA**** (Cádiz, Spain)

CMMSE General Chairs:

  • Jesús Vigo Aguiar, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain jvigo@usal.es

CMMSE Co-Chair:

  • Ian P. Hamilton, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • Bruce A. Wade, University of Wisconsin, USA

Plenary Speakers

Schedule & CMMSE Prize

The CMMSE prize is given to computational researchers for important contributions in the developments of Numerical Methods for Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Economics.

The five past CMMSE Prize winners:

  • Paul G. Mezey – Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada (2015)
  • Alexander Buslaev and Marina Yashnina, Rusia (2014)
  • Ezio Venturino, Politechnic of Torino, Italy (2013)
  • Peter Schwerdtfeger, New Zealand (2012)
  • Ian Hamilton Canada & J.M. Ferrandiz, UA, Spain (2011)

Proceedings & Instructions for Authors

All papers will appear in the book: CMMSE 2017: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering – Almería , Spain. ( ISBN 13-978-84-608-6082-2)

Latest editions Proceedings:
2016 Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 CMMSE 2016 PROCEEDINGS
2015 Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4 CMMSE 2015 PROCEEDINGS

Special Session & Minisymposiums

There will be a General Session with speakers from different areas, as well as a number of Mini-Symposiums and Special Sessions. You can submit a paper to the general session or to any of the mini-Symposiums.


  1. High Performance Computing (HPC)
  2. Mathematically modeling the future Internet and developing future Internet security technology
  3. P.D.E.’S in Life and Material Sciences
  4. Computational Finance
  5. New Educational Methodologies Supported by New Technologies
  6. Mathematical Models and Information-Intelligent Systems on Transport
  7. Computational Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
  8. Numerical Methods for Solving Nonlinear Problems
  9. Bio-mathematics
  10. Quasi-Solvable Systems in Quantum Chemistry and Physics
  11. Mathematical Models for Computer Science
  12. From clusters to the solid state
  13. Hypercomplex methods in mathematical and Applied Sciences
  14. Fixed Point Theory in various abstract spaces and related applications
  15. Computational methods in direct and inverse (systems of) PDE’s
  16. Industrial Mathematics
  17. Numerical simulation on GPUs
  18. Mathematics in the Information Society
  19. Computational methods for fluid flow
  20. Uncertainty and Imprecision Modelling in Decision Making

Minisymposium No. 13: Hypercomplex methods in mathematics and Applied Sciences


The session is dedicated to Wolfgang Sproessig on the occasion of his 70th birthday and his contributions to the development of new methods for modeling and solving of boundary value problems in mathematical physics.

Hypercomplex methods are based on a theory of functions defined in higher dimensional Euclidean spaces with values in Clifford algebras in combination with geometric and other approaches. These function theories can be seen as extensions of the complex function theory to higher dimensions and at the same time hypercomplex methods are often understood as a refinement of harmonic analysis. These approaches are leading also to new numerical and computational tools.

We invite Scientists and Engineers working with hypercomplex algebras (quaternions, bi-complex numbers, Clifford algebras, etc.) and their applications to boundary value problems in mathematical physics, fluid mechanics, elasticity theory and other related fields. Furthermore, contributions to special topics in Fourier analysis, signal processing, interpolation and approximation, monogenic function theory, applications of geometric algebras, representation theoretic tools etc. are very welcome.

Organizers: Klaus Gürlebe (Weimar, Germany), Helmuth Malonek (Aveiro, Portugal)

Regular Sessions:

  • Interpolation & Approximation
  • Mathematical Modeling and Computational PDE
  • Mathematics Models for Computer Science
  • Optimization
  • Analytical and Numerical solution of Differential Equations
  • Computational Algebra
  • Computational aspects of Dynamical Systems
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Computational Physics
  • Computational Engeneering.
  • Computational Statistics.
  • Numerical Linear Algebra.

Excursions and Special Events: http://cmmse.usal.es/cmmse2017/excurssion

Submission to special issues

Check the scope of the journals here:

Dates (extended deadlines):

May 25 – June 5 — declared your intention. Complete the form (Once the selection of articles has been made we will contact you by email)

July 14 — Submission of Final versions to special issues. Except JCAM issue (JCAM deadline june 20)

September 10 — Special issue final selection

Source: http://cmmse.usal.es/cmmse2017/, opened 22 Nov. 2016.


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