AACA, Contents of Vol. 26, Issue 4

We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras. Volume 26 Number 4 is now available online.

Bounds for Eigenvalues of Matrix Polynomials Over Quaternion Division Algebra

Sk. Safique Ahmad & Istkhar Ali

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Weak Para-CR Structures on Vertical Bundles

Mircea Crasmareanu & Laurian-Ioan Pişcoran

» Abstract   » Full text PDF
 Open Access

3D Oriented Projective Geometry Through Versors of $${\mathbb{R}^{3,3}}$$ R 3 , 3

Leo Dorst

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Generalized Neutrino Equations

Valeriy V. Dvoeglazov

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

The Holditch-Type Theorem for the Polar Moment of Inertia of the Orbit Curve in the Generalized Complex Plane

Tülay Erişir, Mehmet Ali Güngör & Murat Tosun

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Codes Over Subsets of Algebras Obtained by the Cayley–Dickson Process

Cristina Flaut

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

$${f}$$ f -Algebra Structure on Hyperbolic Numbers

Hichem Gargoubi & Sayed Kossentini

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Stancu Type Generalization of Dunkl Analogue of Szàsz Operators

Ali Karaisa & Fatih Karakoç

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Topological Bicomplex Modules

Romesh Kumar & Heera Saini

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Fermionic Quantum Orthogonalizations I

Gyula Lakos

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Higher-Order Logic Formalization of Conformal Geometric Algebra and its Application in Verifying a Robotic Manipulation Algorithm

Sha Ma, Zhiping Shi, Zhenzhou Shao, Yong Guan, Liming Li & Yongdong Li

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Metric and Involution Scores of Clifford Algebras

Greg Trayling

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

Spinor Frenet Equations in Three Dimensional Lie Groups

Osman Zeki Okuyucu, Önder Gökmen Yıldız & Murat Tosun

» Abstract   » Full text PDF

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