Y. Yang et al: Edge Detection Methods Based on Differential Phase Congruency of Monogenic Image

Yan Yang, Kit Ian Kou, and Cuiming Zou, Edge Detection Methods Based on Differential Phase Congruency of Monogenic Image, Preprint: https://arxiv.org/abs/1607.00097 (Submitted on 1 Jul 2016)

Abstract: Edge detection has been widely used in medical image processing and automatic diagnosis. Some novel edge detection algorithms, based on the monogenic scale-space, are proposed by detecting points of local extrema in local amplitude, the local attenuation and modified differential phase congruency methods. The monogenic scale-space is obtained from a known image by Poisson and conjugate Poisson filtering. In mathematics, it is the Hardy space in the upper half-space. The boundary value of the monogenic scale-space representation is a monogenic image. In the monogenic scale-space, the denitions involving scale, such as local amplitude, local attenuation, local phase angle, local phase vector and local frequency (phase derivatives) are proposed. Using Cliord analysis, the relations between the local attenuation and the local phase vector are obtained. These study will be improved the understanding of image analysis in higher dimensional spaces. Experimental results are shown by using some typical images.

Keywords: Hilbert transform; Phase space; Poisson operator

Source: Email from Prof. Kit Ian Kou, 20 August 2016, kikou_AT_umac.mo, https://arxiv.org/abs/1607.00097


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