C. Saint-Jean et al: Free program for Clifford Fourier Transform for color images (CFFT)

The code provided at the url below corresponds the implementation described in:
“Color object recognition based on a clifford fourier transform”.
Jose Mennesson, Christophe Saint-Jean, and Laurent Mascarilla.
In book “Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice”. Springer, 2011.

For this version,

  • you can load images from disk/url so that you can easily try your own images.
  • given a (r,g,b) color, you can apply the CFFT : the transform is parameterized by a vector with split the signal into parallel and orthogonal parts (see paper).
  • it displays power spectrum for the two parts, but you can easily change the code to display something else.
  • you can change interactively (r,g,b) parameters and the transform is recomputed seamlessly.

The code was written in Python 2.7 since i hope to have some time to write a mathematical description of the method with galgebra package.
However, the signal processing part of this notebook should work with Python 3.+.

Give it a try at : https://goo.gl/2QjISn

Source: Email from Christophe Saint-Jean, 22 July 2016, christophe.saint-jean_AT_univ-lr.fr


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