D. Prodanov: Maxima Clifford Algebra paper and software

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention of the paper of the my implementation of Clifford algebra in Maxima.


The software can be freely downloaded from


clifford – Clifford algebra for CAS Maxima … HTTPS (recommended) Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the …

best regards, Dimiter

Title: Sparse Representations of Clifford and Tensor Algebras in Maxima
by D. Prodanov∗ and V. T. Toth
Abstract. Clifford algebras have broad applications in science and engineering. The use of Clifford algebras can be further promoted in these fields by availability of computational tools that automate tedious routine calculations. We offer an extensive demonstration of the applications of Clifford algebras in electromagnetism using the geometric algebra G3 ≡ C3,0 as a computational model in the Maxima computer algebra system. We compare the geometric algebra-based approach with conventional symbolic tensor calculations supported by Maxima, based on the itensor package. The Clifford algebra functionality of Maxima is distributed as two new packages called clifford—for basic simplification of Clifford products, outer products, scalar products and inverses; and cliffordan—for applications of geometric calculus.

Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 08A70; 11E88; Secondary 94B27, 53A45, 15A69.
Keywords. Computer algebra, Geometric algebra, Tensor calculus, Maxwell’s equations.

Source: Email from D. Prodanov (Dimiter.Prodanov_AT_imec.be), 16 June 2016


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