16th International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Mini-symposium on hypercomplex methods in mathematical and applications, 4-8 July, 2016, Rota, Cadiz, Spain

URL: http://cmmse.usal.es/cmmse2016/

July 4-8, 2016, Rota, Cadiz – Spain.

In the past decades, new problems, areas of application, and techiques appearing in modern dynamical processes in physics, chemistry, engineering and economics have come to light. In seeking better and better results from simulations, the computational mathematician or scientist needs not only capacity to carry out simulations, but also innovative ideas and foundational analysis for algorithms. Computational mathematics, science and engineering are rapidly growing multidisciplinary areas with connections to business, economics, engineering, mathematics and computer science through academia as well as industry. There is furthermore a constant need in these fields for the quick and efficient advancement of information exchange with an expert audience.

Conferences are often organized within specialty disciplines, compartmentalizing information exchange by field of specialty. In the midst of these successful conferences there remains a niche for unifying, cross-cutting, interdisciplinary gatherings, where specialists can have exposure to diverse fields, a chance to meet new people in or near their individual areas of research, and participate in special sessions different from their own field. The proposed meeting, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering (CMMSE 2015), has this purpose, to serve as a catalyst for computational mathematics among cutting edge applications in science and engineering.

The conference will take place at Barceló Costa Ballena Golf & SPA**** (Cádiz, Spain)

CMMSE General Chairs:

  • Jesús Vigo Aguiar, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain jvigo@usal.es

CMMSE Co-Chair:

  • Ian P. Hamilton, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
  • Bruce A. Wade, University of Wisconsin, USA


Registration and Important Dates


Developing countries participants refers to participants that are sponsored by institutions in countries that are in the following list. For example, you are from Brazil but you are professor in Germany then you are not in condition to ask this reduction. Special cases can be consult to cmmse@usal.es

List of developing countries [ developing countries.pdf / Download ]

  • Deadline for payment with reduction: May, 20

Authors who contemplate the submission to special issues needs to pay the full registration.


With a regular registration one contribution to the proceedings can be registered, and this contribution will be considered for the special issues. If you want to upload more than one contribution, please additional remit 61 Euros per additional contribution.

These extra contributions will not automatically be considered for the special issues. If you want to participate in the special issues with an additional contribution, a new registration is needed.


Please, send to cmmse@usal.es a scanned copy of the part of the password where appears your name, your date of birth and your passport number. If requested rate reduction also attach the form below: form [ grant-cmmse.pdf ]Registration fee due date to be included in the Proceedings: June 1

Please send a Bank Transfer to:

  • Account owner: CMMSE
  • Concept: Name of the participant
  • Bank Name: OPEN BANK


    • (Outside Spain)


I B A N ES 84 0073 0100 51 0452638051

  • (Inside Spain)
  • 0073 — 0100 — 51 — 0452638051


Address of the bank: Ciudad Grupo Santander. Av. Cantabria s/n, 28660. Boadilla del Monte – Madrid

“Once the transfer has been done: Please complete step 3 on the Online Registration System.”

All payments must be “free of any charges/commissions for the payee”

Please send an email to cmmse@usal.es confirming that the transfer has been done. Thanks

Participants from outside Spain can also use the accounts:

If you don’t want to do a bank transfer. You can use WESTERN UNION
Please write to cmmse@usal.es for details.

If you must to pay with Pay-Pal consult with cmmse@usal.es for details



May 10— Deadline for submission of Abstracts (3-4 pages) or full papers (12 pages).

May 27 — Notification of Acceptance

June 1 –- Registration (with podium)

June 10 — Registration (without podium)

September 10 — Special issue final selection

Questions regarding the paper submission and review process can be directed to the Technical Papers staff at cmmse@usal.es.

IMPORTANT: Please, take in account that under no circumstances will we give back the registration fee. So, check carefully your diary before paying your registration.

Source: http://cmmse.usal.es/cmmse2016/, http://isaac-clifford.web.ua.pt/Webpage/CONFERENCES.html


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