Call for Early Proceedings: Altermann Conf. Brasov, Romania, 1-9 Aug. 2016

Dear Colleague,

1) Abstract submission. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to May 1st. You may now send us your abstract, and later on your paper for the Early Proceedings.

2) Early Proceedings. The Early Proceedings of the Alterman Conference will be published electronically in PDF format just before the beginning of the Alterman event. They will have ISBN and will contain writings of the talks, posters or other contributions submitted to the Conference as well as materials prepared for the Summer School. A template for writing an article for the Early Proceedings can be download from:

Typical size of a paper can be orientatively up to 20 pages. A contribution can be submitted by sending the corresponding PDF file to the address also indicating the type of contribution (talk, poster or others). The acceptance will be decided by the scientific committee. Since there will not be much time until the Alterman Conference for improving writings, authors are requested to avoid errors in their writings in order to facilitate acceptance. In order that a paper can be included in the Early Proceedings, the corresponding fee must be paid. Each paid fee for the Conference gives right to one paper.

The deadline for submissions for the Early Proceedings is July 1st 2016, and notification of acceptance will be made by July 15th. Anyway, do not leave your submission for the last moment. A notification of acceptance will be given in about 15 days after the date of submission in order to help authors to take a decision about attendance and travel.

3) Free shared lodging. A first set of lodging vacancies were assigned on March 1st. The following date for more assignments will be April 1st. Vacancies will be assigned until exhausting them. It is needed to have paid the fee in order to get free shared lodging. Please, be aware that there are other events in the Brasov university during the celebration of the Alterman event that compete for vacancies in the Brasov university residences. Recall that you will find the form for request of free shared lodging at:

4) Invitation letters. Whoever needs an invitation letter for taking legal steps for his/her VISA, please let us know. If you already asked us for it and we have forgotten, please remember us again. Be aware that legal steps are usually slow.

5) Summer School. We have updated the program of the Summer School with more details.

6) Notes on Kähler Calculus. Jose has written new chapters on Kähler calculus, which are available at:

7) Help for travel. We have approached some funding agencies for travel support but didn’t get any positive response from any one as of now. We are still trying with new agencies.

8) Deadlines:

Deadline for abstract submission: May 1st, 2016
Deadline for abstract acceptance: May 15th, 2016
Deadline for reduced fee payment: June 1st, 2016
Deadline for paper submission for the Early Proceedings: July 1st, 2016
Deadline for paper acceptance: July 15th, 2016

We remain at your disposal for any further inquiry you may have.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you in Brasov.

Kind regards,

The organizing committee:

Jose G. Vargas, Marius Paun, Ramon González, Panackal Harikrishnan

Source: Email from, 2016/03/18 7:16


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