Alterman Conference on Geometric Algebra and Summer School on Kaehler Calculus: Call for fee payment and deadlines

Dear Colleague,

1) Information about lodging: Thanks to Mr. Eric Alterman, the organizing committee will provide a fixed number of lodging vacancies for free, which will be assigned following the preference criteria we already indicated:

a) Students coming outside Europe.
b) Participants from low income countries, specially clear cases from Africa.

The lodging will be in the university residences of the Brasov University, mainly in building Caminul 16:

but perhaps also in other Caminul buildings depending on the availability of rooms. Many of them are not individual, but meant to be shared. In order to have the information necessary to manage free lodging, interested participants should fill the request form for free lodging:

The requests for free lodging will be taken into account only after fee payment, and will be assigned in the order in which payment has been made while rooms are available. As indicated above, these rooms are not only for students, since the number of these will likely be quite limited. Payment of the event fee is required to reserve university lodging; we must reserve rooms in the university’s residence very early (deadline March 1st).

2) Fee payment by transfer is already available. The account data for order a transfer are at:


If somebody wishes to avoid the cost of a transfer, he can pay by other means indicated in the same page. Payment with credit card is not possible for the moment owing to bureaucratic issues. The numbers of participants in the Summer School and the Conference are limited. Participants will be inscribed following the order of fee payment until reaching the limit. Once achieved, the inscription will be closed because of space limitations.

3) We recall the deadlines:

Deadline for free lodging request: March 1st, 2016
Deadline for abstract submission: April 1st, 2016
Deadline for abstract acceptance: May 1st, 2016
Deadline for reduced fee payment: May 31st, 2016

After May 31st, modular and student fees will not be applicable and the Conference and Summer School will be increased up to 300€ and 400€. See the whole information in:

There will not be help for fees. If we could provide supplementary help, it would be for travel.

4) Help for travel. We are inquiring whether any is available from some company. We would try to help paying fares from far away participants (say America) and not so far but still distant countries. At this moment, we do not know whether we will have success in getting this type of help. If we do, any applicable reimbursement will take place after the event.

5) Tourist information is already available at:

We hope that our tourist information will help you to enjoy your stay in Brasov.

6) Some materials for the Summer School are already available. Jose G. Vargas is writing some chapters as a preparation of his lectures:

and more materials will be soon available.

Please, let us know any question you may have and feel free to forward this e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you in Brasov.

Sincerely yours,

The organizing committee,

Jose G. Vargas, Marius Paun, Ramon González, Panackal Harikrishnan


* You have received this e-mail because you may be interested in attending the event or in receiving related information. If you wish to be erased from the mail list, please return us a message with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE.

** Our apologies for multiple receptions.

*** Please, do not activate the spam flag because this action can affect other receivers of this e-mail.


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