Book: Daviau and Bertrand, The Standard Model of Quantum Physics in Clifford Algebra

The Standard Model of Quantum Physics in Clifford Algebra, By (author): Claude Daviau (Ministry of National Education, France), Jacques Bertrand., 240 pages, Dec 2015, ISBN: 978-981-4719-86-5 (hardcover), USD88.00, ISBN: 978-981-4740-29-6 (ebook), USD48.00.

Summary: We extend to gravitation our previous study of a quantum wave for all particles and antiparticles of each generation (electron + neutrino + u and d quarks for instance). This wave equation is form invariant under Cl3*, then relativistic invariant. It is gauge invariant under the gauge group of the standard model, with a mass term: this was impossible before, and the consequence was an impossibility to link gauge interactions and gravitation.

Sample Chapter(s): Foreword (85 KB), Chapter 1: Introduction (85 KB)


Clifford Algebras
Dirac Equation
The Homogeneous Nonlinear Wave Equation
Invariance of Electromagnetic Laws
Electro-Weak Interactions: The Lepton Case
Electro-Weak and Strong Interactions
Magnetic Monopoles
Inertia and Gravitation
Appendix A: Calculations in Clifford Algebras
Appendix B: Electron+Neutrino+Quarks
Appendix C: The Hydrogen Atom

Readership: Graduate students and professionals in particle physics or mathematical physics.



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