Call for registration: Alterman Conference on Geometric Algebra and Summer School on Kaehler Calculus, 1-9 Aug. 2016, Brasov, Romania

Dear Colleague,

The organization of the Alterman conference goes on. With the start of the new year, some decisions come to the fore. Let us review the main topics:
1) Free shared accommodation: Students will have free accommodation in shared rooms thanks to the sponsoring of Mr. Eric Alterman.

2) Granting for travels: We do not know exactly at this moment what financial help for travel we might be able to provide. We shall be seeking sponsoring from some companies but we need a list of people with special need. Owing to this, everybody who could come to the Alterman conference only if help for travel were provided should register now. Registration is free and allows us to estimate your travel cost and present your case to potential sponsors. Help for travel may apply not only to students but also to other participants according to the following preference criteria:
a) Students coming from outside Europe.
b) Participants from low income countries, specially clear cases from Africa.

The registration form is available at:

Up to now, there are registrations from Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, India, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco and México, among others that have requested help.

3) Abstracts: These holidays provide a good opportunity to prepare and submit your abstract. The template for abstracts is available at:

4) Sponsoring: The organizing committee has received the first part of the financial help of our main sponsor, Mr. Eric Alterman. Thank you very much, Mr. Alterman.

5) Travel information: Information about how to arrive in Brasov is already available on:

If you have any doubt or need more information about European hubs, please do not hesitate and let us know. Information about accommodation will be soon available.

Please, feel free to forward this e-mail.
We look forward to seeing you in Brasov.
Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year

Sincerely yours,

The Organizing Committee

Jose G. Vargas, Marius Paun, Ramon González, Panackal Harikrishnan

Source: Email from, 15 Dec. 2015


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