Yong Hu et al: Geometric Algebra-based Modeling and Analysis for Multi-layer, Multi-temporal Geographic Data

Yong Hu, Wen Luo, Zhaoyuan Yu, Linwang Yuan and Guonian Lü, Geometric Algebra-based Modeling and Analysis for Multi-layer, Multi-temporal Geographic Data, Adv. Appl. Clifford Algebras, 2015 Springer Basel, DOI 10.1007/s00006-015-0574-5, pp. 1-18, First online: 09 July 2015

Abstract: Aiming at the modeling and analysis of the multi-layer, multi-temporal geographical model simulation data, the geometric algebra (GA) is introduced to design methods for data modeling, spatio-temporal queries and dynamic visualization. Algorithms, including the slices and cross-section, area and volume computation, morphology characteristics computation and change detection, are constructed directly based on the GA operators. We developed a prototype system “GA-Coupling Analyzer” to integrate all the methods. The system is demonstrated with the simulation data of Antarctic “Ice–Ocean–Land” coupled changes. The results suggest that our approach can provide a unified geometric meaningful approach for complex geo-simulation data representation and analysis. The representation can well integrate the geometric representation and algebraic computation. With the powerful GA operators, the spatio-temporal analysis methods can be directly and simply constructed and implemented.

Keywords: GIS, Geometric algebra, Data model, Spatio-temporal analysis

Source: Email from Zhaoyuan Yu, 19 Oct. 2015, yuzhaoyuan_AT_163.com, http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00006-015-0574-5


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