C. Castro: A Unified Description of Particles, Strings and Branes in Clifford Spaces and p-brane/polyparticle Duality

Carlos Castro, Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA. 30314; perelmanc@hotmail.com, December, 2014. Submitted to Phys. Letts. B.

Abstract: It is proposed how the Extended Relativity Theory in C-spaces (Clifford spaces) allows a unified formulation of point particles, strings, membranes and p-branes, moving in ordinary target  spacetime backgrounds,  within the  description of a single polyparticle moving in C-spaces.  The degrees of freedom of the latter are provided by Clifford polyvector-valued coordinates (antisymmetric tensorial coordinates).  A correspondence between the p-brane (p-loop) wave functional “Schroedinger-like” equations of Ansoldi-Aurilia-Spallucci  and the polyparticle wave equation in C-spaces is found via the polyparticle/p-brane duality/correspondence.  The crux of exploiting this correspondence is that it might provide another unexplored avenue to  quantize p-branes (a notoriously difficult and unsolved problem) from the more straightforward  quantization of the polyparticle in C-spaces, even in the presence of external interactions.  We conclude with some comments about the compositeness nature of the polyvector-valued coordinate operators in terms of ordinary p-brane coordinates  via the evaluation of n-ary commutators.

Keywords : Cliord algebras; Extended Relativity in Cliord Spaces; Strings; Branes; M-theory; polyparticle/p-brane duality; loop wave functional equations; Born-Dirac oscillator; n-ary commutators.

Download: http://vixra.org/pdf/1501.0051v1.pdf

Source: Email from C. Castro, perelmanc_AT_hotmail.com, 2015/01/05 11:56


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