First Announcement: AGACSE 2015 & Summer School on Geometric Algebra, Barcelona, Spain 27-31 July 2014

6th Applied Geometry Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering
July 29-31, Barcelona, Spain
( )
Summer School on Geometric Algebra
July 27-28, Barcelona, Spain
( )

Registration to the AGACSE Conference or to the Summer School is free and gives you the right to receive the messages sent by the Organizing Committee. If you are interested, please fill out the registration form at your earliest convenience.

The right to attend the Conference and/or the Summer School is acquired by paying the corresponding fees, which are set at a 50% discount for students.

For more details please visit the Web page above. In addition to Registration, at this stage the sections Welcome!, Committees, Summer School, Program and Call for Papers have a special importance.

Thank you for your interest and understanding,

The local organizing committee,

Sebastià Xambó, Josep Manel Parra, Ramon González

Source: Email from, 2014/10/09 2:40


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