AACA, Contents of Vol. 24, Issue 3

Contents alert for Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras. Volume 24 , Issue 3 is now available on SpringerLink.

Fibonacci Generalized Quaternions

Mahmut Akyig̃it , Hidayet Hüda Kösal & Murat Tosun
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Differential Calculus on the (h, j)-Deformed Z3-Graded Superplane
Salih Celik , Sultan Celik & Erhan Cene
Abstract    Full text PDF

Multiplicative Representation of a Hyperbolic non Distributive Algebra
Manuel Fernández-Guasti & Felipe Zaldívar
Abstract    Full text PDF

Factorization of Lipschitzian Elements
Jacques Helmstetter
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Clifford Algebraic Approach to Line Geometry
Daniel Klawitter
Abstract    Full text PDF

Connections on Cahen-Wallach Spaces
Frank Klinker
Abstract    Full text PDF

Commutative Quaternion Matrices
Hidayet Hüda Kösal & Murat Tosun
Abstract    Full text PDF

On a Class of Right Linearly Differentiable Functions of Cayley-Dickson Variables
Sergey V. Ludkowski
Abstract    Full text PDF

On the Determinant-like Function and the Vector Determinant
Abhimanyu Pallavi Sudhir
Abstract    Full text PDF

The Intersection of Rays with Algebraic Surfaces
Spencer T. Parkin
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Clifford Bundle Approach to the Differential Geometry of Branes
Waldyr A. Rodrigues & Samuel A. Wainer
Abstract    Full text PDF

Cyclic Structures of Cliffordian Supergroups and Particle Representations of Spin+(1, 3)
V. V. Varlamov
Abstract    Full text PDF

Absence of Differential Correlations Between the Wave Equations for Upper-Lower One-Index Twistor Fields Borne by the Infeld-van derWaerden Spinor Formalisms for General Relativity
Karla Weber & J. G. Cardoso
Abstract    Full text PDF

Zeros of Two-Sided Quadratic Quaternion Polynomials
Wei Xu , Lianggui Feng & Bo Yao
Abstract    Full text PDF

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Matrix Representation of the Real Clifford Algebra
Youngkwon Song & Doohann Lee
Abstract    Full text PDF

Source: New Issue Alert, springer_AT_alerts.springer.com, 27 Sep. 2014, 8:15AM.


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