C. Castro: Extended Lorentz Transformations in Clifford Space Relativity Theory

Carlos Castro, September, 2014 (submitted to Adv. App. Cliff. Algs.), Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta; perelmanc_AT_hotmail.com

Abstract: Some novel physical consequences of the Extended Relativity Theory in C-spaces (Clifford spaces) were explored recently. In particular, generalized photon dispersion relations allowed for energy-dependent speeds of propagation while still retaining the Lorentz symmetry in ordinary spacetimes, but breaking the extended Lorentz symmetry in C-spaces. In this work we analyze in further detail the extended Lorentz transformations in Clifford Space and their physical implications. Based on the notion of “extended events” one finds a very different physical explanation of the phenomenon of “relativity of locality” than the one described by the Doubly Special Relativity (DSR) framework. A generalized Weyl-Heisenberg algebra, involving polyvector-valued coordinates and momenta operators, furnishes a realization of an extended Poincare algebra in C-spaces. In addition to the Planck constant h, one finds that the commutator of the Clifford scalar components of the Weyl-Heisenberg algebra requires the introduction of a dimensionless parameter which is expressed in terms of the ratio of two length scales: the Planck and Hubble scales. We finalize by discussing the concept of “photons”, null intervals, effective temporal variables and the addition/subtraction laws of generalized velocities in C-space.

Keywords: Clifford algebras; Extended Relativity in Clifford Spaces; Doubly Special Relativity; Quantum Clifford-Hopf algebras.

Source: C. Castro, perelmanc_AT_hotmail.com, 9/12/2014 5:17 PM


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