Book: Daviau, Bertrand. New Insights in the Standard Model of Quantum Physics in Clifford Algebra

Claude Daviau, Jacques Bertrand, Publisher: JePublie, 2014, 175 pages, 0.00 Euros, ISBN: 9782953913453, 52 references, language: English.


Keywords: invariance group, Dirac equation, electromagnetism, weak interactions, strong interactions, Clifford algebras, magnetic monopoles.


  • Why Clifford algebra is the true mathematical frame of the standard model of quantum physics.
  • Why the time is everywhere oriented and why the left side shall never become the right side.
  • Why positrons have also a positive proper energy.
  • Why there is a Planck constant.
  • Why a mass is not a charge.
  • Why a system of particles implies the existence of the inverse of the individual wave function.
  • Why a fourth neutrino should be a good candidate for black matter.
  • Why concepts as “parity” and “reverse” are essential.
  • Why the electron of a H atom is in only one bound state.
  • Plus 2 very remarkable identities, and the invariant wave equations that they imply.
  • Plus 3 generations and 4 neutrinos.
  • Plus 5 dimensions in the space and 6 dimensions in space-time…



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