Session organizers:

  • Swanhild Bernstein, swanhild.bernstein@math.tufreiberg.de
  • Uwe Kähler, ukaehler@ua.pt
  • Irene Sabadini, irene.sabadini@polimi.it
  • Frank Sommen, fs@cage.ugent.be

Description of the Special Session: Quaternionic and Clifford analysis are higher dimensional analogues of complex function theory and represent a function theory in R^n. In the last years quaternionic and Clifford analysis spread into several different directions such as continuous and discrete theory, slicemonogenic functions as well as new applications to various fields. This session aims to present recent advances in the field of continuous and discrete Clifford analysis as well as its applications in numerical analysis of PDE’s, signal and image processing, operator theory, and physics to a broad audience.

We invite you to participate in sharing the latest results of your research.” We are looking forward to see you in Macau!

Abstracts: We ask you to provide a title and an abstract, preferable between a quarter and half page of A4. Abstracts are subject to acceptation by the session organizers as the number of speakers per session is limited.

Location: University of Macau

Travel information: You can fly to Hong Kong and take the ferry to Macau.

Visa issues: Macau and Hong Kong usually do not require visa for EU citizens. For visits to Mainland China a valid visa is required. For short stays in the Zhuhai economic zone (72 hours) visas can also be obtained.

Source: Email from S. Bernstein, 26 Jul. 2014, bernstein_AT_math.tu-freiberg.de


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