8th Announcement of ICCA10 – Plenary talks and schedule (preliminary info)

Plenary talks
A preliminary list of plenary talks is now available on the Participants page, including the Clifford Prize winner D. Eelbode and other great researchers in the field (updated 19th+23rd June 2014):

  • Daniel Alpay — “Schur analysis in the quaternionic setting”
  • Pierre Anglès — “Real projective quadrics, conformal structures and conformal spin structures”
  • Carlos Castro Perelman — “Novel Physical Consequences of Clifford Space Relativity Theory”
  • David Eelbode — “Transvector algebras in Clifford analysis”
  • Charles Gunn — “Geometric Algebras for Euclidean Geometry”
  • Klaus Gürlebeck — TBA
  • Eckhard Hitzer — “Quaternion Domain Fourier Transform”
  • Uwe Kähler — “Fractional Clifford Analysis”
  • Irene Sabadini — “Some functions spaces in the slice hyperholomorphic setting”
  • G. Stacey Staples — “Operator Calculus on Clifford Algebras: Combinatorics to Quantum Probability”
  • Jose G. Vargas — “Helmholtz-Hodge Theorems: Unification of Integration and Decomposition Perspectives”

(The list is not yet final and may be extended.)

A brief overview of the conference schedule is now available on the Schedule page:

The conference will start in the morning of Monday, August 4 with registration from 9 to 10 AM and opening ceremony at 10 AM, after which plenary lectures and parallel sessions will be held. The conference is planned to end by noon on Saturday, August 9. On Wednesday, August 6, we are planning a full-day excursion and also the conference dinner, together with the W. K. Clifford Prize ceremony.

More details will be available soon.

You can check for more information from the conference web page.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them by sending an e-mail to icca10@ut.ee.

– Organizing Committee of ICCA 10
V. Abramov, O. Liivapuu, P. Lätt, Md. Raknuzzaman, S. Shitov, J. Vajakas.

Source: Email from icca10_AT_ut.ee, 15 June 2014, http://icca10.ut.ee/participants.php


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