Opfer+Janovská: The algebraic Riccati equation for quaternions

Gerhard Opfer, Drahoslava Janovská, Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras, 23 (2013), 907-918, Hamburger Beiträge zur Angewandten Mathematik, Preprint 2013-04, May 2013, 10 p., dedicated to Ivo Marek on the occasion of his 80th birthday,

Download: The algebraic Riccati equation for quaternions

Abstract: We will present the general solution of the algebraic Riccati equation for the quaternionic case, where also one additional variation is treated. For computational purpose a very simple form of the exact Jacobi matrix for Riccati polynomials is presented. There are several examples.

Key words: Quaternionic, algebraic Riccati equations, Jacobi matrix for quaternionic, algebraic Riccati equations.
AMS subject classifications: 11R52, 1204, 12E15, 12Y05, 1604, 65H04.

Source: http://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/home/opfer/veroeffentlichungen.html, http://preprint.math.uni-hamburg.de/public/papers/hbam/hbam2013-04.pdf



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