A. Macdonald: A Survey of Geometric Algebra and Geometric Calculus

by Alan Macdonald, Luther College, Decorah, IA 52101 USA, Email: macdonald_AT_luther.edu, URL: http://faculty.luther.edu/~macdonal, 33 pages, 10 figures, 4 pages of references.
Date: June 16, 2013, (The current version (PDF, 0.9 MB) is always available at my web page.)
The principal argument for the adoption of geometric algebra is that it provides a single, simple mathematical framework which eliminates the plethora of diverse mathematical descriptions and techniques it would otherwise be necessary to learn.
Source: Email by A. Macdonald, 10 Dec. 2013, macdonald_AT_luther.edu, http://faculty.luther.edu/~macdonal/GA&GC.pdf

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