A. Bromborsky: Geometric Algebra Module for Sympy (Python)

by Alan Bromborsky
URL: http://docs.sympy.org/0.7.0/modules/galgebra/GA/GAsympy.html

Abstract: This document describes the implementation of a geometric algebra module in python that utilizes the sympy symbolic algebra library. The python module GA has been developed for coordinate free calculations using the operations (geometric, outer, and inner products etc.) of geometric algebra. The operations can be defined using a completely arbitrary metric defined by the inner products of a set of arbitrary vectors or the metric can be restricted to enforce orthogonality and signature constraints on the set of vectors. In addition the module includes the geometric, outer (curl) and inner (div) derivatives and the ability to define a curvilinear coordinate system. The module requires the numpy and the sympy modules.

This module is, e.g., used in the undergraduate textbooks by Alan Macdonald:

Table Of Contents (click on entries, see especially Module Components)

Source: http://docs.sympy.org/0.7.0/modules/galgebra/GA/GAsympy.html as of 04 Dec. 2013.



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3 responses to “A. Bromborsky: Geometric Algebra Module for Sympy (Python)

  1. Alan Bromborsky

    Note that galgbra is no longer part of sympy (documenting using python sphinx instead of latex got too tedious for me) but is at –
    After downloading the repository look in galgebra-master/doc/galgebra.pdf for detailed installation instructions.

  2. Alan Bromborsky

    Please send me your code (abrombo@verizon.net) and I will try to determine what the problem is.

  3. I’m not a pro and I’m a little confused about how to get this module. At the beginning I tried sympy 0.7.4, but it appears to lack the galgebra module. I thought I should try an earlier version, so I switched to 0.7.3. This has a galgebra.ga module. I cut and paste example material to run MV.setup(). It completed, but none of the symbolic items (a0, a1, a2) were present, so it looks like the documentation I’m reading doesn’t line up with 0.7.3. What to do?

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