B. Schmeikal: Primorial Space and Logic Case

Primordial Space – Point-free Space and Logic Case $150.00
Authors: Bernd Schmeikal (University of Vienna, R&D., Vienna, Austria)
Book Description:
In this volume of Primordial Space it is explained how unpredictable quanta of the strong and electroweak force can bring forth both a macro-space-time as we perceive it and a pattern of material phenomena with which we have been familiarized by the standard model of particle physics. However, there is a price we have to pay for this. The Heisenberg uncertainty relation discloses itself in the fancy dress of a set of irregular locations: the deadlock singularity for particle fields at rest and the topological defect structure of the boson field where the zero norm signifies a turnover of the time-like base unit into a nilpotent isotropic direction field. Time does not go without saying. But where the time-arrow is created within the strong force, there emerge anti-reflexive neighbourhoods in the multivector fields of space-time. Hyperbolic neighbourhood systems of primordial phenomena carry those waves that decompose time and energy. Primordial space helps you to look at events with a fresh mind without entirely destroying traditional physics. (Imprint: Nova)
Table of Contents:
PrefaceIntroductionPart I. Roots, Zeroes and Irregular Locations
Chapter 1: Physical Space => pp. 1-4
Chapter 2: Self-reflexive Domain of Derived Brackets – Lie Brackets in Clifford Algebra => pp. 5-10
Chapter 3: Zero and the Lower Bounds => pp. 11-18
Chapter 4: Cardinality of Root of Zero and Countable Choice => pp. 19-20
Chapter 5: Countable Choice and the Double Slit => pp. 21-26
Chapter 6: The Unstable, Discrete and Colored Appearance of Space-Time => pp. 27-36
Chapter 7: The One => pp. 37-50
Chapter 8: Geometry of Extension Relations => pp. 51-54
Chapter 9: The Irregular Location of Rest in QCD and QED => pp. 55-64
Chapter 10: Point-Free Fermion Space => pp. 65-70
Chapter 11: Root of Zero => pp. 71-76
Chapter 12: Fermion Transmutation in the Wallace Model => pp. 77-80Part II. The Mereotopological Picture
Chapter 13: The Mereotopological Space-Time Model => pp. 83-92
Chapter 14: Time Algebra and the Provenance of the Unit Imaginary => pp. 93-99Part III. Logic and Systems
Chapter 15: Logic of Reflection and De-Connectivity => pp. 103-108
Chapter 16: Spatial Arrangement of Classical Logic => pp. 109-116
Chapter 17: Logic Transcending Itself => pp. 117-120
Chapter 18: Spatial Information of Logic Compounds => pp. 121-128
Chapter 19: Reflexive Geometric Domain => pp. 129-132
Chapter 20: Cybernetics of Primitive Idempotents => pp. 133-140
Chapter 21: Points and Locations in Pauli Algebra => pp. 141-156
Chapter 22: Fermion Locations and Time Tunneling => pp. 157-162Part IV. Neighborhood, Topoi and Primordial Time
Chapter 23: Logic and Neighborhood of Primordial Events => pp. 165-180
Chapter 24: Eigenforms and Primordial Time => pp. 181-192
Chapter 25: The Weight of Relations and Neighborhood Allegories => pp. 193-202
Chapter 26: Topoi – Postmodern Chronicle of Quantum Physics => pp. 203-214
Chapter 27: On the Possible Origin of Dark Energy => pp. 215-224

Prospect and Conclusion

Space Science, Exploration and Policies
   Binding: ebook
   Pub. Date: 2012
   Pages: 7 x 10 (NBC – C)
   ISBN: 978-1-62257-389-9
   Status: AN

See also the previous volume: B. Scheikal, Primordial Space: The Metric Case, Nova, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-60876-781-6, https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=11974

Source: Book from author B. Schmeikal (Nov. 2013), https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=35564, https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=11974



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2 responses to “B. Schmeikal: Primorial Space and Logic Case

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  2. EH

    Title should be “Primordial”, not “Primorial”.
    (The latter is a real word, though: the equivalent of a factorial, but using only prime numbers.)

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