AACA, Contents of Vol. 23, Issue 4

Dear Eckhard Hitzer,
We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras . Volume 23 Number 4 is now available on SpringerLink .
In this issue:
Defining the Determinant-like Function for m by n Matrices Using the Exterior Algebra
Pallavi Sudhir Abhimanyu
Abstract    Full text PDF

Some Integral Representation for Meta-Monogenic Function in Clifford Algebras Depending on Parameters
Cristina Balderrama , Antonio Di Teodoro & Adrian Infante
Abstract    Full text PDF

Law of Sums of the Squares of Areas, Volumes and Hyper-Volumes of Regular Polytopes from Clifford Algebras
Carlos Castro Perelman , Fang Fang & Klee Irwin
Abstract    Full text PDF

An Elliptic Non Distributive Algebra
M. Fernández-Guasti & Felipe Zaldívar
Abstract    Full text PDF

Paley-Wiener and Boas Theorems for the Quaternion Fourier Transform
Yingxiong Fu & Luoqing Li
Abstract    Full text PDF

Spline Split Quaternion Interpolation in Minkowski Space
Raheleh Ghadami , Javad Rahebi & Yusuf Yayl?
Abstract    Full text PDF

Mesonic Differential Forms
Jacques Helmstetter
Abstract    Full text PDF

Representation of Crystallographic Subperiodic Groups in Clifford’s Geometric Algebra
Eckhard Hitzer & Daisuke Ichikawa
Abstract    Full text PDF

The Algebraic Riccati Equation for Quaternions
Drahoslava Janovská & Gerhard Opfer
Abstract    Full text PDF

Algebraic Method for Inequality Constrained Quaternion Least Squares Problem
Sitao Ling , Xiangjian Xu & Tongsong Jiang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Hilbert and Riesz Transforms Using Atomic Function for Quaternionic Phase Computation
E. U. Moya-Sánchez & E. Bayro-Corrochano
Abstract    Full text PDF

Dual Split Quaternions and Chasles’ Theorem in 3-Dimensional Minkowski Space $${\mathbb{E}^{3}_{1}}$$ E 1 3
Ça?la Ramis & Yusuf Yayl?
Abstract    Full text PDF

Matrix Representations of the Low Order Real Clifford Algebras
Youngkwon Song & Doohann Lee
Abstract    Full text PDF

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Associated Differential Operators in Quaternionic Analysis and Applications to Initial Value Problems
U?ur Yüksel
Abstract    Full text PDF

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