Vote: Yes/No to Clifford Society

Vote for or against the creation of a Clifford Algebra/Clifford Analysis Society

Enter in Rate This (above): Yes = 5 stars, No = 1 star

You can give intermediate votes, but for clarity simple Yes or No would be better.

Background: Years ago Dr. W. Pezzaglia Jr. created an International Clifford Algebra Society under his directorate. The homepage of this society is currently offline. The Clifford algebra community is deeply grateful for his service of a Clifford email newsletter over many years. Independently, there has been a discussion among scientists engaged in the research and application of Clifford algebras and Clifford analysis, whether a scientific society should be created, with offices which have strictly limited terms, and depend on elections by the majority of its members. One important function of such a society would be to publicly represent the interests of this community of scientists and amongst other duties to do everything to promote the careers of young scientists and engineers who work in this field. The rules of this society could be modeled following the rules of other scientific societies, like the IUCr or the ISGR. I know that some people in the community agree to this idea, but some are hesitant or have objections. This vote is only my personal effort to get an idea of the public opinion on the subject, and will I hope be helpful to promote the discussion on this subject.

Comments: It is very, very welcome to post comments to this vote initiative, as comments reveal more detailed opinions and can help to create a more public discussion. Light reviewing will be applied to the comments in order to suppress spam.

Sincerely, E. Hitzer, Tokyo, 20 Aug. 2013.


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