C. Castro: Super-Clifford Gravity, Higher Spins, Generalized Supergeometry and much more

Authors: Carlos Castro

An $extended$ Orthogonal-Symplectic Clifford Algebraic formalism is developed which allows the novel construction of a super-Clifford gauge field theory of gravity. It has a direct relationship to higher spin gauge fields, bimetric gravity, antisymmetric metrics and biconnections. In one particular case it allows a plausible mechanism to cancel the cosmological constant contribution to the action. The possibility of embedding these Orthogonal-Symplectic Clifford algebras into an infinite dimensional algebra, coined $Super$-Clifford Algebra is described. Finally, some physical applications of the geometry of $Super$-Clifford spaces to Generalized Supergeometries, Double Field Theories, $ U$-duality, $11D$ supergravity, $M$-theory, and $ E_7, E_8, E_{11}$ algebras are outlined.

Comments: 18 Pages (version 2). Submitted to Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras

Download: http://vixra.org/pdf/1308.0058v2.pdf

Source: Email from C. Castro (perelmanc_AT_hotmail.com), 12 Aug. 2013, http://vixra.org/abs/1308.0058


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