AACA, Contents of Vol. 23, Issue 2

Dear Eckhard Hitzer,
We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras. Volume 23 Number 2 is now available on SpringerLink

In this issue:

Involutions of Complexified Quaternions and Split Quaternions
Murat Bekar & Yusuf Yayl?
Abstract    Full text PDF

Clifford Algebra Unveils a Surprising Geometric Significance of Quaternionic Root Systems of Coxeter Groups
Pierre-Philippe Dechant
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Cauchy–Pompeiu Representation Formula Using Dirac Operator and its Applications in Some Piecewise Constant Structure Relations
Antonio Di Teodoro & Adrián Infante
Abstract    Full text PDF

Complex Boosts: A Hermitian Clifford Algebra Approach
Milton Ferreira & Frank Sommen
Abstract    Full text PDF

Clifford Valued Weighted Variable Exponent Spaces with an Application to Obstacle Problems
Yongqiang Fu & Binlin Zhang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Applications of Clifford’s Geometric Algebra
Eckhard Hitzer, Tohru Nitta & Yasuaki Kuroe
Abstract    Full text PDF

Algebraic Methods for Condiagonalization Under Consimilarity of Quaternion Matrices in Quaternionic Quantum Mechanics
Tongsong Jiang & Sitao Ling
Abstract    Full text PDF

Induced Representations and Hypercomplex Numbers
Vladimir V. Kisil
Abstract    Full text PDF

Explicit Matrix Realization of Clifford Algebras
Doohann Lee & Youngkwon Song
Abstract    Full text PDF

Optimal Trajectory Tracking of Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems Through the Clifford Algebras and of the Davies Method
Andre Oliveira, Edson De Pieri & Ubirajara Moreno
Abstract    Full text PDF

Localized Propagating Tachyons in Extended Relativity Theories
Matej Pavši?
Abstract    Full text PDF

Geometric Algebra for Multidimension-Unified Geographical Information System
Linwang Yuan, Zhaoyuan Yu, Wen Luo, Lin Yi & Guonian Lü
Abstract    Full text PDF

The Left Hilbert BVP for h-Regular Functions in Clifford Analysis
Si Zhongwei, Du Jinyuan & Duan Ping
Abstract    Full text PDF

Source: Email from springeralerts_AT_springer.delivery.net, 2 June 2013.


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