10th Int. Conf. on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Math. Physics, 4-9 Aug. 2014, Tartu, Estonia

First Announcement of 10th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics

Dear Colleagues!

We have a great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 10th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics (ICCA10) which will be held in Tartu (Estonia), August 4 – 9, 2014. You can find more information concerning the Local Organizing Committee, International Advisory Board, aims and the scope of ICCA10 on the webpage of the conference http://icca10.ut.ee/. We plan to open online registration for ICCA10 in the middle of August 2013. If you have questions or requests you can contact the Local Organizing Committee by sending e-mail messages to the address icca10@ut.ee.

Sincerely yours,

Viktor Abramov
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of ICCA10.

The conference will take place at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Tartu (address: J. Liivi 2) and at the university library (W. Struve 1). Both are only five minute’s walk from the city center. Here is a map with the conference locations (points A and B) and accommodation facilities in Estonia. Zoom in or out if necessary. By selecting appropriate layers from the Layers menu on the left, you can also see tourist attractions on the map. More information on Tartu can be found e. g. at the visitestonia.com page.
(I) Clifford algebras
Spinors, multilinear algebra and tensor products, quadratic spaces, K-theory, Witt groups, K-theory of rings, associative algebras, algebraic combinatorics including symmetric functions, combinatorial aspects of representation theory, group actions, group rings including twisted and skew group rings, non-commutative Groebner bases, Hopf algebras, algebroids, octonions …
(II) Geometric algebras
Geometric analysis, invariant differential operators, conformal and non-commutative geometry, geometric integral transforms, image processing, quaternion and Clifford Fourier and Wavelet transforms, robotics, structural dynamics, computer graphics, quaternion and hypercomplex neural networks, geographic information systems, optics, molecular chemistry …
(III) Global analysis, differential geometry, spin geometry
Dirac operators on manifolds, calculus on manifolds; nonlinear operators, spaces and manifolds of mappings, monogenic mappings, partial differential equations on manifolds, applications to physics, connections on bundles, gauge transformations, BRST formalism, infinite-dimensional Grassmann algebra with generators …
(IV) Clifford algebras and Clifford analysis in theoretical physics
Spectral triples and elementary particle physics, Dirac equation in electron physics, q-deformations and noncommutative spacetime, qantum field theory using Hopf algebras and other algebraic techniques, quantum gravity, quaternionic quantum mechanics and quantum fields,electrodynamics, non-associative structures, division algebras and their applications in physics, quaternions and Clifford algebra in crystallography, Clifford spaces …
(V) Clifford analysis, quaternionic analysis, applications
Dirac operators, relations to harmonic and Fourier analysis, singular integral operators, operator algebras, functional calculi, function spaces, partial differential equations, Radon transforms, scattering theory, inverse problems …
(VI) Discrete Clifford structures, numerical methods
Discrete Clifford algebras, discrete function theory, discrete potential theory, signal processing, discrete wavelet transforms, numerical methods for partial differential equations, dynamical systems, visualization …
(VII) History of Clifford algebras and Clifford analysis
Education, art, entertainment, interdisciplinary aspects, philosophical aspects, biographical studies, history of Grassmann algebra, history of quaternion algebra, reception and interpretation, psychology …
(VIII) Quaternionic and Clifford Fourier transforms and wavelets
Quaternion Fourier transform, Clifford Fourier transform, windowed Clifford Fourier transform, spacetime Fourier transform, geometric Fourier transform, Hilbert transform, Riesz transform, Clifford square roots of -1, Clifford Fourier kernel, Cauchy kernel, Poisson kernel, operator exponential, translation operator, Clifford convolution, hypercomplex signal, hyperanalytic signal, 2D+t analytic video signals, multidimensional complex signal, monogenic signal, conformal monogenic signal, improper non-stationary complex-valued signals, quaternionic time-frequency representation, quaternionic spectral analysis, multivector wave packet analysis, orthogonal planes split, multiquaternion Clifford algebras, monogenic curvature scale-space, demodulation, color image processing, visualization of flow fields, analysis of flow fields, Clifford wavelets, diffusive wavelets …
(IX) Ternary algebras and their applications
Ternary analogue of Grassmann algebra, ternary analogue of Clifford algebra, generalized Dirac equation, ternary generalization of supersymmetry, calculus of cubic matrices …

Local organizing committee

  • Prof. Viktor Abramov, University of Tartu
  • Olga Liivapuu, Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Md. Raknuzzaman, University of Tartu
  • Jaan Vajakas, University of Tartu

Contact e-mail: icca10@ut.ee

Source: Email by V. Abramov, 14 Mar. 2013, viktor.abramov_AT_ut.ee, and http://icca10.ut.ee/


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